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Introducing: Leten 708 Future Pro Male Masturbator

Jun 5, 2024 Edison Luo
Are you ready to dive into a world of explosive pleasure? Say hello to the Leten Future 708 Pro Male Masturbator, a revolutionary device designed to take your intimate experiences to new heights. In this blog, we'll explore the features and sensations offered by this advanced pleasure device.
Intense Pleasure
The Leten 708 boasts 10 super stroking modes, ensuring intense and pleasurable experiences tailored to your desires.
Realistic Simulation
Experience the sensations of real inner vagina sex with the 10 Air Bag massages, adding authenticity and immersion to your intimate moments.
Enhanced Sensations
The 3D sex moaning function intensifies pleasure, bringing you to the brink of a real orgasm and creating a truly immersive experience.
Warm and Comfortable
With a 40° heating function, the Leten 708 provides a lifelike and comfortable sensation, enhancing pleasure and realism.
Convenient and Customizable
Bluetooth connectivity allows for wireless headphone connection, ensuring a discreet and personalized experience. Use the rotary speed control to find the perfect mode for your pleasure, all easily viewed and adjusted on the LED display.
Material and Maintenance
The removable silicone sleeve is made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability and easy cleaning. Sleeve out settings make it easy to take out, while the included dry and warm base quickly heats and dries sleeves for effortless maintenance.
Powerful Thrusting and Massage
With 10 thrust modes and 10 Air Bag massage functions, the Leten 708 offers unparalleled pleasure and clamping sensations, creating a sensational sexual experience.
Rotary Speed Control
Adjust speeds seamlessly with the rotary speed button, offering intuitive control and customization.
Product Name: Leten 708 Future Pro
Functions: Telescopic, Sucking, Heating, Perfume Flirting
Vibration Modes: 10 telescopic modes + 10 sucking modes
Material: TPE+ABS
Color: Blue/Red
Product Size: 11.42*5.04*4.13 in
Product Weight: 3.63 lbs
Package Size: 15.75*6.7*4.72 in
Package Weight: 4.92 lbs
Charging Mode: USB-Type C
Charging Time: 3-4 hours
Usage Time: >40 mins
Maximum Noise: ≤80 dB
Upgrade your pleasure with the Leten Future Pro Male Masturbator and step into a world of mind-blowing sensations and limitless ecstasy. Are you ready to elevate your intimate experiences? Unbox the Leten 708 and unlock a world of pleasure today!
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