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About Leten

Our Goal
To create a world-class sexual health brand.
Leten is determined to create original adult sex toys and establish itself as an innovative and forward-thinking gender health brand. We aim to transmit Leten's dedication to top-quality products and sensual experiences to every consumer who encounters the brand. At the same time, Leten hopes to break industry bottlenecks, overcome global barriers in gender health industry communication, and make a positive contribution to the development of both genders health industries worldwide. We aim to build trust and confidence as a reputable sexual health brand.
Our Mission
Let every individual's nature be fully unleashed.
Sex is a primal instinct of humans, meant to be free and naturally occurring. However, many associate sex with vulgarity and obscenity, viewing discussions about sex as shameful and even depriving themselves of experiencing sexual pleasure.
Leten believes that, within the bounds of societal norms and without harming public decency, everyone has the right to pursue self-pleasure and should enjoy sexual freedom to the fullest. Sex is not a shameful act but rather a natural aspect of human nature that should be respected and understood.
Our Values
Perfection to the finest detail, astonishing in three aspects.
The work results are flawless, leaving colleagues, customers, and users amazed.
Leten employees uphold a meticulous work attitude, demanding attention to detail and striving to exceed expectations in work outcomes. Just like the uncompromising product quality of Leten, every detail and raw material is strictly controlled to amaze industry peers, satisfy customers, and impress consumers. Through a rigorous attitude and high standards, we motivate ourselves and influence others. We supervise each other, mutually achieving greatness.

Industry's Strongest R&D Team in Adult Products Sector

Comprising 20 individuals, the industry's strongest R&D team invests nearly 20 million annually in research and development funds.

European Standard Intelligent Manufacturing Factory

The European Standard Intelligent Manufacturing Factory covers an area exceeding 10,000 square meters and employs over 100 staff. It has obtained international ISO9001 certification and operates in a hundred-thousand-grade aseptic sealed medical device purification workshop. All products have been certified by the European Union's CE and ROHS.

Quality Inspection Testing Centers

We have established quality inspection testing centers in Guangzhou and Dongguan, equipped with top-notch quality testing and inspection equipment.

Global Service Center

We have established a global service center in Guangzhou to promptly respond to the pre-sales, mid-sales, and after-sales service needs of customers and users worldwide.